Blades under the Moon

Wind Turbine Blades
“The answer is blowin’ in the wind”: I love that song, I love the renewable energy and the wind turbines.The dunes in the picture are the blades for a wind turbines.





The Bent Shark

The Bent Shark

A National Geographic typical picture in a street photography style. I took it in Morocco, at the sea port of Essaouira.

Honourable Mention – Hearst 8 X 10 Photography Biennial

Hearst 8 X 10 Photography Biennial

I got a honourable mention at the Hearst 8 X 10 Photography Biennial, an international competition that garnered more than 1,600 entries from across the U.S. and 78 additional countries. The photographs will be revealed at a gallery celebration at Hearst Tower on April 2.

If you are in New York in the coming months, do not miss it.

Nose on the Seats of the Train

Nose on the Seats of the Train



Punctual in hoping no delays, commuters have the same rituals and the same route as sole companion, day after day.

At the station some try to wake up chasing the smell of burnt coffee from a small bar, in between two tracks. Others prefer to stay with the eyes focused on nothing, numbing the anger for luck of sleep.

In the train someone hides his face in the large pages of a newspaper, someone else drowns in a book.

The most shameless ones sleep.

The most romantic and melancholy ones look out and inside, through the window.

Shoot WOW Share NOW – Live Wi-Fi Photo Exhibition

On Thursday 29 November and Friday 30 November, the first two days of the exhibition, Eric Kim from the US, JB Maher from Ireland, Jens Mollenvanger from Belgium, Nico Chiapperini from Italy, and Jesse Kraal from the Netherlands will hit the streets and take photographs in different cities at the same time.

Each of them will be equipped with a Samsung NX camera with WiFi. They will be able to upload their best photographs directly to the exhibition via a wireless internet connection, where they will be displayed on special TV screens for each photographer.

In this 2.0 exhibition, instead of pictures in frames, there are Samsung Smart TVs on the wall. The public will get to see the exhibition evolve in real time, one photograph after the other. Furthermore, they will be able see live images of the creative process as it happens.

Each photographer will have a small video camera with them. The video images will be streamed directly to the Beurs van Berlage, so that the public will feel as if they are right in the middle of the action!

The five photographers will have 48 hours to film their part of the exhibition. But the Shoot Wow, Share Now exhibition will also continue after these two days. Visitors will be able to admire the uploaded photographs and videos in the Beurs van Berlage until Sunday 9 December.

The WiFi exhibition will be free so everyone who loves photography and street photography can get involved.

Painting and Photography

“Every dentist would like to be a doctor, and every photographer would like to be a painter.”
Pablo Picasso

“It takes a lot of imagination to be a good photographer. You need less imagination to be a painter, because you can invent things. But in photography everything is so ordinary; it takes a lot of looking before you learn to see the ordinary.”
David Bailey


Winephoto Contest 2012

I am a finalist of the Winephoto Contest 2012 with my project From the Train. I share with you one picture I took recently.