Flying into the White

Potatoes Fried in Butter

I guess it is not a healthy meal, but I had delicious potatoes fried in butter, in the place in the image.

Of course it was also a good excuse to take a picture of many characters, under a beautiful light.

Infinite Immobility

While I walk in Holland, sometimes I have a look inside its buildings, through the large windows, kind to the precious and rare northern light. Normally it is just a quick glance, but I do not know for how long I stared into this room. Perhaps not more than usual, but I am not sure of that.

The workshop, or study, did not seem untended, I could not see the signs of the time, such as dust or some spiderwebs, even though a nylon bag protected something. In the beginning it was not difficult to imagine the room full of people, maybe students. Still, watching this picture again and again, I have the strong feeling that nothing must have hapenned before the instant in which I took the picture, as nothing would happen anymore.

It is an image that I like not for the decisive moment, but for the infinite immobility.

A Bar in Rome

It is such a pity to travel to Rome and not spend a couple of days there: this city offers so much to see every time and you never stop knowing her. Anyway I felt lucky to be there for work, even though for a very short time, since I had a nice walk in Piazza Navona and a very tasteful cappuccino, in a warm bar.

Jogging on the Beach

I was in Zandvoort last weekend. It was cold, but the weather was nice (in the Netherlands that simply means it did not rain) and the beach not busy at all, especially on Saturday. I had long walks for hours and, without the sea on my side, I could have thought being in a flat desert.

Anyhow I had some interesting and funny encounters.

Nostalgia on the Ocean


(available as print)

I am always impressed by cypresses, they are at peace with themselves. When in group, they fall into line as soldiers, but still look alone.

They sit still in vertical and watchful position, maybe to hide boredom or resignation.

And their shadows are thin and long, they run through me.

Saver Menu

Green UFOs


(available as print)

To give an indication on how to read this picture, I could use the title “Umbrella and Knife”. Before going on reading, click on the image above and look carefully.

The umbrella is not difficult to find and helps to focus the eye on the couple of women posing involuntary on the left. It is less immediate to identify the knife that points threateningly against a poor husband, on the right. This scene is ambiguous due to chance (considering the age of the couple, I would not be surprised to discover that his wife imagined something like that at least once!).

Ambiguity is a fundamental characteristic of photography and makes some pictures more special than others. This is especially true for certain photographic genres, such as Street Photography. It is not the case of photojournalism, where being ambiguous is a big problem. There were and there are several discussions and statements on this topic and on how much a photo can be authentic in telling what really happened. Unfortunately (or luckily) an image says everything and says nothing: it depends by who took the picture, how and what words were chosen to complete the image. Eventually the reader has the difficult task of trusting what the photo shows, according to what he already knows about the subject and his willing to look for other sources, not necessarily photographs, to verify the message.

Back to the photo of the post, there are other details to note in the background. Right after the knife there is a surprised child and another couple: the woman seems interested in the crime that is going to happen, while her partner does not care at all. In the center of picture another man, framed by the last of a series of geometric shapes, is watching something we cannot know: the same thing that also the couple of ladies with the umbrella is following with interest.

Did I miss something? Oh yes, myself, reflected in the upper right of the photo. I guess I said all, or maybe not? There is another reflection in the center and… well, some pictures need to be seen more and again.