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Stairs in the Window

Bags and Mannequins

Lying on the Ocean

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Harry van Wetering

I met Harry a few months ago, at a fair of Italian products in The Netherlands, not far from Utrecht. I was captured by his amazing stand: I felt the warmth of the antique stuff.

We spoke only a bit, but it was enough to make a connection and when I asked him if I could take a picture, he kindly agreed.

We wrote each other by email and I sent him a big print. He thanked me with a very nice card. I admire people who remember the past and keep good traditions, who are open to the future and who live and enjoy the present with young spirit.


Cappuccino is the first thing of Italy I miss, when I am back in the Netherlands. Well, the list could be a bit longer, but there is a place in Den Bosch where you can drink Mocaccino, that is a tasteful cappucino with chocolate: it helps a lot, not only this street photography picture.

The Orcia Valley

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Almost three weeks of holidays seemed a very short time, as always when you have fun. I spent the first week in Tuscany, in the amazing Orcia Valley. I could not help taking some pictures of its special landscape and pictorial light.

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Touch of Glance

Geometry of Reflection