Glass of Wine on Sidewalk

I have new reflection pictures, well… a few from the past, just rediscovered or found, some other very recent.

I have always been amazed by the power of time on my archive: as my mood, my eyes are not always the same. It is like some pictures need to be in the dark for a while before they shine. The best wine has to stay long in the barrel, doesn’t it?

I will post more reflections  in the coming days.

Reality is Beyond Imagination

It is amazing to discover how reality can be so surprising sometime. You just wander around with your camera and suddenly you are the witness of an outstanding circumstance, that it is hard to believe not staged by anyone.

All pieces of the puzzle are in the right place: empty chairs in the bottom, except one, occupied by an uncommon extraordinary character; the reflection of the photographer in the center of picture; the balance between colors and shapes, and a man, absorbed in thought, eating a chip… a delicious chip. This is the beauty of Street Photography.

You might think it is good luck, but it is so just because you are right there, with open eyes and mind: you see a stage, you foresee the chance that something extraordinary is going to happen and you are really quick.

Cat on Bench

Cat on Bench

Under the Sun

Under the Sun

Feet on Head

Photographic Safari in London

Liverpool Street Station - London

I like London, it was a love at first sight. Every time I visit this city I have wonder crisis: I keep on looking around me, being amazed by people, urban landscapes and incredible ordinary situations.

I do not like hunting, so I do not know if the comparison is correct, but for me walking in this city is like having a safari, a photographic safari.

I think London is a paradise for street photographers. Maybe New York could be the same, but I cannot tell since I have never been there.


Schiphol Airport, 17 April 2011

Self-portrait with Cat

Self-portrait with Cat

(available as print)

When I arrived the first time in The Netherlands, I was really surprised by the big windows of the Dutch houses. If you walk in the beautiful Jordaan district of Amsterdam, it is very easy to see inside a house: it is like the street is part of a living room or a kitchen.

If I think about a room of my soul, I see it full of books, with Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix albums, and a cat looking out through the window.

Through the Window