Blades under the Moon

Wind Turbine Blades
“The answer is blowin’ in the wind”: I love that song, I love the renewable energy and the wind turbines.The dunes in the picture are the blades for a wind turbines.

Nose on the Seats of the Train

Nose on the Seats of the Train

Green UFOs

Geometry of Reflection

Tribute to Escher



I recently visited the museum of Maurits Cornelis Escher in Den Haag, and I could admire some of his most famous works. I knew most of them, thanks to the art books of Secondary School, even though I was always busy in other activities during art history lessons, such as frivolous (but at that time so important) chats or innocent sleeps with half-closed eyes.

Glancing through my archive, I found pictures in which I notice clearly his influence on me. I show you two unpublished and another already present in my black and white portfolio. Out of curiosity I read his biography and I was really surprised to discover we have some points in common. Escher was Dutch, he lived his childhood in Arnhem (a city where I lived almost two years) and he moved in Italy in 1923, where he stayed for several years, loving the Italian landscapes. He visited also Spain and he was really impressed by Alhambra in Granada, a building that delighted me too.

Our affinities are not limited to geographical aspects, in his images there are a lot of mathematic, logical and physical involvements, in which my past study of Engineering meets an artistic space. I feel rather confortable when I walk in his worlds made by fractal geometry, impossible perspectives, ambiguous shapes and spherical reflections.

In the endless game of his images Chaos seems to have a logic: would it be nice if reality were always like that?