Interview on TravelonArt

Nico Chiapperini on TravelonArt

The interview is available form this link: TravelonArt (only in Italian).

Ubique Solitudo on Artwort

Ubique Solitudo on Artwort

Ubique Solitudo on Foto4All

Ubique Solitudo - Foto4All

Ubique Solitudo on R0P Magazine

Ubique Solitudo - R0Pmagazine

SurReally on Oitzarisme Magazine


“Nico combines what is nowadays rarely seen in street-photography: common sense and decency in treating the subject with a clear eye for uncommon situations, all drawn-up with assorted colors. In this series we are presented with an array of surreal shots and elements, some very precise and some very minimalist but always coherent, smart and mysterious, leaving lots of room for second looks. If you think you have discovered on photo’s puzzle, you might want to look again because you most definitely missed something.”

Cristian Bassa – Oitzarisme Magazine

Honourable Mention – Hearst 8 X 10 Photography Biennial

Hearst 8 X 10 Photography Biennial

I got a honourable mention at the Hearst 8 X 10 Photography Biennial, an international competition that garnered more than 1,600 entries from across the U.S. and 78 additional countries. The photographs will be revealed at a gallery celebration at Hearst Tower on April 2.

If you are in New York in the coming months, do not miss it.