From the Train

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The website has a new design and this is a good occasion to publish my last project “From the Train“.

When you travel by train, you are seat comfortable and safe, trying to wasting your time doing something. It can be a happy experience, if you are looking forward to your final destination. In my case, I travelled almost everyday for years on the same line, in the early mornings and in the evenings: a boring journey after a while.

I soon started spending all the time with my face on the window of the train. It was my portal to the outside world and my chance to run far from my annoying thoughts, at least that was what I believed. Despite the landscape was always the same (I learnt it by heart quickly), the Dutch weather and light changed many times during my several travels, with countless effects.

I was astonished by the melancholic beauty of the flat fields, by the soft reflections on the water of the canals, by the burnt or dully grey sky, by the dazzling lights of anonymous cars or cold stations.

I did not care about technical perfection in my pictures, clarity and sharpness were my last worries. When a photographer fights against technical difficulties and overcomes them, the results can be very stimulating. The limits of my compact camera set me free to look for movement, stains of colour, few details and, most of all, visual emotions. I was much more attracted by what my mind saw, rather than what my sight caught.

It is well known that eyes are our camera, but the darkroom is our brain.

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Nostalgia on the Ocean


Glass of Wine on Sidewalk

I have new reflection pictures, well… a few from the past, just rediscovered or found, some other very recent.

I have always been amazed by the power of time on my archive: as my mood, my eyes are not always the same. It is like some pictures need to be in the dark for a while before they shine. The best wine has to stay long in the barrel, doesn’t it?

I will post more reflections  in the coming days.

Cat on Bench

Cat on Bench

Closing Date

The Meeting
The exhibition is over, I want to thank all the people who came to see my pictures: some of them wrote really nice messages in the guestbook I left in the gallery.

And of course a very big thanks to the ones who bought prints and contributed to my action for the The Dutch Cancer Society, an association that funds cancer research, provides education and training, disseminates information and helps cancer patients themselves.

We did something special, I am so proud we offered a contribution for all people who are fighting the most important battle of their life. I strongly believe that art can feed our soul, but also give a real support.

The action is still open, anyone who wants to make a donation is more than welcome, at this link, also without buying a print.

(In this post two pictures that I showed for the first time during the exhibition)
Little Women

Opening Date

It was a beautiful experience to see people looking at my pictures in a gallery, I really want to thank everyone present during the opening date. Their positive feedback makes me feel confident and willing to continue my projects. Soon the draft of the book Moments in Between book will be ready, then I can start looking for editors.

I must say it was a surprise to notice how my photos could communicate to a different public in age, nationality and taste. I will never stop wondering at the many different interpretations that images can have. Everyone brings with them their past emotions, the present ones and their future hopes. When this luggage of memories and feelings meets another, in this case through  photography, art releases all its power and charm. A dialogue is possible between the photographer and his public, a dialogue beyond words and languages.

Being present at this event gave me the privilege to lead people by the hand, supporting them to see unnoticed details. But sometime people opened my eyes with their comments and I could see what only my unconscious saw at the time of the click. So something extraordinary happens: the photographer becomes a spectator of himself.

New pics for Moments in Between

I received lots of enthusiastic feedbacks on my project “Moments in Between“. I have some new pictures that will be part of it. I like all of them, specially the second one, there are different characters of different ages and cultures, with some men staging the play in the background.